Skiing Falls Creek

To summarize in one sentence, our Skiing Falls Creek experience has left us with the impression it is a very well organized and a family friendly resort.

skiing falls creek over the mountain, close to the lake view of the village bowl form the summit having good time at a café in the village bowl

General Feel.
The layout of the village is on a gentle sloping mountainside, with all the chalets being inter-connected by walkways, which outside the ski season are drive through, or supply roads.Regardless where you stay getting to the lifts is not a great bother. The village has a good feel, with the best vibe in our opinion around the village bowl.

The Village Bowl is a midway point up the mountain, and is next to the midway lift station, close to bars and cafes and shares good views of the merging trails. Also night outdoor activities are being held here.

If you would like to come “ Skiing Falls Creek”, prebook early if you want to arrive at the school holiday period. Around this time the accommodation can get

a bit competitive and pricey, so shop around for the best deal. The school holidays vary between states, but spread over24 June –25July. Consider arriving at the off peak-season. The tariff is a bit cheaper but you may however risk lack of snow.

Best timing for skiing Falls Creek is mid July through to mid September. I extracted this figure from best historical snowfalls.

Venturing into the ski resort takes you into the national park territory, which attracts an entry fee. Give some consideration to car pooling at the base of the mountain that way you will save some money.

If you’re Skiing Falls Creek, but would like to consider an alternate lodging experience, stay at the Bogong Village, which is on the way to Falls Creek, under the snow line. It is also somewhat cheaper here, and a lot of resort staff call it home.

trail map for falls creek

Off Piste.
There are quite few beginners and intermediate runs, but few good black runs. The best beginner’s runs are at the top of the mountain, starting at Cloud Nine. There is a great home run for the kids, starting with Wombat’s Run. Commence your “Skiing Falls Creek” journey here, you will get a good feel for the layout of the mountain.

Aggie’s favorite run is the Ruined Castle, which has exposed terrain with nice lake views. My (Chris’) favorite runs are around the Summit Quad Lift and the International T bar lift. Some runs are steeper, and others are close to the tree line, check them out. I would even go a step further to recommend this spot, especially the Valley of the Moon, The Hollow, Zipper and Ares Vous.During a poor weather this is the first part of the mountain the management closes off. So visit this area.

Ski down to the Dicky Knees Café and soak up the other side of the mountain. Here you will get a good feel for what rest of the skiable terrain looks like. On occasions the Olympic team trains on the adjacent slopes.

The resort has stayed pretty committed in catering to snowboarders, building tubes and half pipes. You can find these either at the Bowl or at the top of the Summit lift.

For going beyond the boundary, the layout of the terrain is best suited to cross country skiing. You can encounter scenic trails particularly around the water reservoir. This place has officially been labeled as the base of the Australian Cross-Country Ski Team.

If you are after a bit of a downhill ski adventure, adding another dimension to your skiing Falls Creek experience, and want to venture beyond the patrolled perimeter, try the guided trip to Mt McKay 1842m. Enquire at the ticket office about ski-cat tours to McKay.

Family Rating **** Skiing Falls Creek.

This is the best resort for kids, offering great ski schools and winter activities.

  • Getting here. Driving by bus from Melbourne or Sydney. Catch the Hume Highway connecting Melbourne and Sydney, turn off to Alpine Fields around Wangaratta heading towards Bright .Watch for a turn off to Mt Beauty. Falls Creek is about 25 minutes past Mt Beauty.

    Another exotic alternative is fly to Dinner Plain , close to the adjacent Mt Hotham resort, catch a connecting bus to Hotham and then a heli-link to Falls Creek. Just be warned the heli-link does not always operate.

  • Proximity to slopes. Most Chalets, lodges, motels have common footpaths. You can easily walk to the home runs or slopes, so your location is not an issue.

  • Crèche. Is available but check with the individual chalet.

  • Cafes for Kids. Cafes are child friendly but do not have toys or facilities to keep your little troopers occupied.

  • Ski Equipment Location. Two big ski gear rental hubs are found here : one at the base of the resort, next to the main car park, and the other half way up the mountain at The Bowl.

Lots of restaurants, pizza bars, mums won’t have to cook. The food is great and a variety of dishes are available.

For a bit of an alpine atmosphere visit Falls Creek Hotel. If you want a totally casual feel go to the bar at the village bowl, next to the Ski Poma.

When Skiing Falls Creek, we both strongly recommend taking a Heli-Link to the adjacent resort of Mt Hotham.By car this resort is almost 2 hours away,yet by helicopter about 5 min away.The heli link will make your stay more fulfilling as you will conquer an even greater mountain terrain.

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