winter weather forecast

Winter weather forecast, as we are all aware, can sometimes be a mixture of art and science.If you however, were equipped with the right tools , perhaps you could predict the weather. These tools will enable you to guage with some accuracy what winter weather is expected at the designated point of arrival.

Travelling to a ski destination and unaware that a blizzard is trailing behind you,or arriving at a ski resort only to find melting sludge at your feet?
The below disclosed tools will offer you guidance and advice on what is occurring ahead.Travel with the knowledge what winter weather forecast lies ahead.

In the future you may be the next winter weather forecaster.


Winter weather forecast is scientifically collated from an array of data relating to current atmosphere. Factors such as temperature,humidity,wind and water pressure are considered.These variables are collected from different sources such as radar, satellite, marine ships and buoys, weather airplanes and balloons.

Meterological Aerodrome Report ,produced by airports, generated hourly produces data of temperature, dew point,wind ,precipitation ,cloud cover,cloud height, visibility range, presence of lightening and barometric pressure.

Complimentary advice to the Aerodrome report, is the Terminal Aerodrome Forecast producing data every 12-24hours.This report is produced by a human forecaster ,who can also take into account the local terrain, topographical layout of the surrounding land,the general geography of the region.

Imagine the local winter weather at a reasonably flat plateau will be different to that of a mountainous region. Why you ask, because the layout of the terrain dictates what occurs to the weather above.

Additional complimentary information to a winter weather forecast can be obtained by launching a weather balloon or a radiosonde.

Weather Satellite data is increasingly being used in winter weather prediction.It can provide visable cloud images,to forecast cloud formation.The infrared data, gathered from satellites,will predict temperature at the surface of the cloud.Cloud tracking can be performed by satellites as well,providing input on wind travel and its direction.

Meterological Radars, being ground based, provide information on the location of precipitation,it's intensity.These measurements are complimented by doppler radars, which additionally measure wind speed and direction.

Finally lets not omit oceanic and sea water buoys ,which provide temperature measurements throughout the world.

Assimilating the above data and projecting into the future ,requires this data to be standardized .Numerical Weather Prediction models come to our assistance. These models are computer generated simulations of the atmosphere.They take analysis at present time and project into the future using physics,maths and fluid dynamics equations.

Whilst Numerical Weather Prediction NPW Models are reasonably accurate over the short time frame,as the projection is made further into the future, chaotic nature of the atmosphere can at times mislead the forecaster and winter weather forecast is no exception.

Be aware of the limitations of the forecast if the prediction is spanning beyond 2 weeks .If you intend to pre book the ski trip more than 2 weeks in advance I suggest relying more on historical snow fall charts.

A lot of ski resorts and less commercialised ski destinations or places with scarce inhabitants do carry historical precipitation data.This way you can time your arrival to optimal historical snow base.

Now try the three step approach.

1. First look at the winter weather forecast at the destination of choice.

2Then look for historical snow fall, especially if booking 2 weeks in advance

3 Then view web cams for direct winter weather feed.

Consider this

1 Winter weather forecast models –NWP Remember
a/ satellite b/ ground radar c/ aerodrome forecast d/ oceanic data

Visit any continent for live weather feed ,irrespective if you are travelling to alaska any parts of northern americas, canada ,southern americas,europe,australia or even asia.

winter weather forecast


2 Historical Snow Base….this will allow you to gauge where the season peak snowfalls are for the region

historical snow base


3 Web Cams are very useful if you want to get a feel for the weather at present .Sometimes this can complement what your forecaster was predicting.Wind storm encroaching, may be seen on a cam before its scheduled arrival.
winter web cam

weather cam

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