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Want to go and surf the powder,and need a cheap snowboard, you have the right spot. I will bring to you the cheapest deals on snowboards I can find. This means you are not restricted to one supplier, but you have a whole selection of sellers here at your fingertips .Who you buy the board from,is your decision.

flying on a cheap snowboard

Before you cruise off to buy a cheap snowboard, visit our page on the selection criteria of a snowboard. It offers a piece of advice before you make the plunge.

Think in terms of categories. Ask yourself. Do you want ;

  • an All Mountain Snowboard / Freeride
  • a Freestyle Snowboard
  • an Alpine Style Snowboard

Your timing in buying a snowboard.
Timing is mostly important, as the cheapest deals will be available at the end of the season. Snowboard dealers are trying to get rid of the old stock. They realize that the next years stock will be more popular. This principle holds true for where you live.

If however, you think more globally, what is an old stock in Australia at the end of their winter around October, will be new to the commencement of the ski season in Canada or USA. What comes out of Europe in March will be new for the Australian season. You can go on .What is a discounted snowboard in one country, may be the new “fab” in another.

Just bear in mind some cheap snowboards may have been used. If you feel this may be the case, ask about fractures,chipped edging, has it been repaired, if so ,where ? Remember sintered bases cannot be repaired very well, whereas extruded ones are easier to fix. If they have bindings fitted ensure they are well secured to the board,and have not become lose over time.

If you would like to see relevant links which may assist you with your search for boards, you may start with boards which carry a Whichever approach you use is up to you.

Aggie found a database of cheap snowboards to help you get a feel for what is out there.

cheap snowboard team

If you are looking for a personal touch ,where myself and Aggie, a two person team will assist you with your needs,we have the capacity to offer you advice. Just drop us a line.

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