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us Chris and Aggie

Hello and welcome to our Ski Adventure Guide introduction page. We are glad you can join us, Chris and Aggie on our quest for powder, travelling different parts of the world.

Our passion for skiing runs back to when we were kids growing up. The “buzz” that skiing brought to us was something not eclipsed by any other sport. The strange thing is we both had this affinity for winter sports before we even met each other. Aggie’s family has always been into skiing, mine on the other hand was into sailing. How skiing rubbed off on me I could not tell you.

Our crazy passion for skiing can be portrayed by mad weekend trips, where we would travel over 500km to ski over the weekend, only to drive back home later. Why did we do this you ask?…Well we had to explore new skiable areas. That’s why!

Just in case you thought our craziness for skiing stops there, I can recall numerous occasions where I (Chris) skied during blizzards in drenching rain with a garbage bag over my jacket, only so that I could get some skiing done. Was I soaking wet and cold ? Yep, but definitely not miserable!

We both have endured cold weather well below –25C in good and close to zero visibility conditions. In retrospect these times made us humble, yet adaptable to life’s circumstances.

both exhausted after a day of skiing

Aggie is not that much better with her own adventures. She vividly recalls being lost hiking, wearing ski boots, through snow covered country for 21/2 hours, trying to get her bearings, only to find out she was few hundred meters from a home run.

Further on this point, imagine skiing through alpine regions in this case Europe, only to be apprehended by the National Guard ski patrol and be told you are in another country. To top it off there is no ski-doo to whisk you back to the village across the mountain range.

We have traveled central, eastern and southern Europe (lived here one third of our lives), Americas, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, to discover new powder. Inside our ski adventure guide will bring these experiences to you.

our little trooper's first snow encounter

Recently we had a new addition to our family a boy, whom we hope will have some of our love for skiing rub off on him. He has been on his first ski trip at one year of age. We are only slowly, yet patiently receiving his feedback about his ski adventures. Our Golden Retriever loves the experience whatever is thrown her way.

our Golden Retriever Chelsea

In travelling the world we continuously discover a ski-culture, existing unbound by nationality, age, race, or language, a culture of skiers which share the passion for skiing. This group of people enjoys what Mother Nature has to offer. We call this good life! We hope these Adventure Ski Guide web pages will funnel you guys in, to share your experiences, joys, and quirks with us.

In floating these Ski Adventure Guide pages, we condensed what we learned, discovered and what amazed us, over the last 30 years in the snow arena. So if you have the same buzz that we do, join us on your next ski adventure.

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