breathable waterproof fabric for skiers

Breathable waterproof fabric -may be your next consideration when you are choosing your next ski outerwear. I have compiled a list of more common breathable waterproof fabrics,quoting waterproof rating ,as a hydrostatic head measurement ,remembering a rating = 1m,is the same as 1000mm .

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I also quote breathibility characterictics as either a RET figure, or in grams / m2/ 24 hrs.I will also enclose some technical bits ,some of more interest than others.

If you feel the amount of different breathable waterproof fabrics and jackets is overwhelming, and you feel somewhat lost in the maze ,you are not alone.
Rather than starting your search by reviewing fashions, colors,and styles ,only to find you are disappointed with your selection, as the jacket you chose is not engineered for your type of skiing, this guide may help.

I recommend a two step approach when choosing outerwear clothing:

*Breathibility Rating ,as RET, or gm / m2 / 24 hrs *Waterproofness ,expressed as ie 20m

Check out the below enclosed list of more common breathable waterproof fabrics:


SilkThe name here can be misleading as the fabric is mainly made of enforced nylon,with extra durability.The inner coating layer uses some silk based proteins.The waterproofness rating is 15m,and breathibility is around 120 RET. This is not a pyjama outfit.

SL Fabric In addition to the reinforced nylon layering ,similar to the on above,it has a separate inner polyester based layer which enchances its breathibility to RET=60,and maintains waterproofness of around 15m.

2 layer Two layered breathable waterproof fabric, using similar materials to the above ,it does however have a reduced breathibility of RET =95.Waterproofness is maintained at 15m.

3 layerThree layered fabric system, attaining breathibility of RET=95,and waterproofness 15m head.

DRIZONE This breathable waterproof fabric system has a hydrostatic head 5m, and breathibility of 3000 gm / m2 / 24hrs.

GEOTECH 3000This manufacturer offers a hydrostatic head of 3m, and breathibility of 3000 gm / m2 / 24hr.

goretex breathable waterproof fabric symbol

GORE-TEX XCR 2 This is a 2 layered outer shell,with a breathibility RET < 45,waterproofness of 28m,quite an impressive outcome.

GORE-TEX XCR 3 Three layered breathable waterproof fabric system with a hydrostatic head of 45m,and breathibility RET <55 .This fabric is excellent for those beyond the boundry adventures,where little cafes are well out of reach.

GORE-TEX Classic The originally designed fabric which revolutionized the world of breathable waterproof fabrics.It has a hydrostatic head of 28m ,and breathibility of RET 55.

GORE-TEX PACKLITE This product is 15% lighter weight than the classical Gore-tex Packlite carries waterproofness of 28m,and comparable breathibility of classical Goretex. This product is best suited for light travel.Cross country skiers I suspect may be on top of the list.

More on goretex breathable waterproof fabric.

HYDROTECH A layered fabric system offering a hydrostatic head 10m, and breathibility of 8000 gm / m2/ 24hrs.

NEO-ZOIC The fabric system offers waterproofness of 8m,and breathibility of 8000 gm / m2 /24hrs.

north face breathable fabric logo

Impressive choice for those beyond the patrolled boundry -ski adventures, with a waterproofness approximately 40m, and breathibility of 20,000 gm / m2 / 24hrs.Furthermore the manufacturer tries to vary the breathibility by realigning the shell layers.They custom align the jacket for you. This fabric does vent very well.

OMNI-TECH AP This breathable waterproof fabric offers a hydrostatic head rating of 5m, and breathibility of 5000 / m2 / 24hrs.

OMNI-TECH HP The most advanced fabric from these manufacturers,in at least as far as beyond the boundry ski adventures are concerned. The waterproofness figures are 10m,and the breathibility of 10,000 gm / m2 / 24 hrs.

OMNI-TECH XB/CXB This layering offers waterproofness rating of 5m, and breathibility of 8000 gm / m2 / 24hrs.

OMNI-TECH Storm Dry Duo Faillie Good entry model light weather Fabric system offering waterproofness rating of 3m,and breathibility of 2000 gm / m2/ 24hrs.

OMNI-TECH Storm Dry Slub Weave ,this layering is a slight step up from the above fabric as it delivers waterproofness of 5m,and breathibility of 3000 gm / m2/ 24hrs.

OPTERRA 3 Three layered, laminated fabric system has a waterproofness rating of 20m,and breathibility of 9000 gm / m2 /24 hrs. Excellent alternative to what bigger players in the breathable waterproof fabric and jacket industry have to offer.

QUIK-TECH 3000 The waterproof , hydrostatic head rating of 3m,and breathibility of 3000 gm / m2 / 24hrs.

QUIK-TECH 5000 The characteristics of this fabric are cited in its name ,as Waterproofness rating is 5m, and breathibility of 5000 gm / m2 / 24hrs.

STORMBREAKER The waterproof rating of 5m,and breathibility Of 4000 gm / m2 / 24 hrs.

STORM-FIT V The fabric system offers waterproofness of 5m, and breathibility of Ret =60.

STORM-LITE Multiple layered fabric system which behaves differently in different weather conditions.The people from “Storm” claim the breathable waterproof fabric has a“waterproofness rating “from 5-20m and breathibility from 5-20,000gm / m2 /24hrs.A reportedly intelligent fabric.

TRINITY 4D STRETCH Multiple layered shell fabric system with a waterproof rating of 20m, and breathibility of 12,000 gm / m2 / 24hrs. Another excellent alternative to other well established big brand names.

TRINITY ULTRA Another excellent breathable waterproof fabric ,with a waterproofness rating of 20m, and breathibility of 20,000 gm / m2 / 24hrs.

TSM FX This fabric manufacturer offers a product which has variable waterproofness , and breathibility characteristics depending upon weather conditions.I am assuming these characteristics change as the outside temperature changes. Their claim to fame is variable waterproofness from 12-20m,and breathibility 8-10,000 gm / m2 / 24hrs.

TWIN-TEC Layered fabric with waterproofness of 10m, and breathibility of 10,000 gm / m2 / 24hrs.

venturi breathable fabric logo

VENTURI A multiple layered laminate which offers a waterproof rating of 10m, and breathibility of RET 70.

XT.L Am a little bit unsure if the name stand for “extra large” of perhaps “extreme” fabric.The waterproof characteristics are quite impressive with a rating of 20m, and breathibility at 4000 gm /m2 /24hrs.

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