Children Snowboards Tips

In looking at different children snowboards it is sometimes difficult to determine which type of snowboard will suit your child. Sure different children have varied levels of coordination , sense of balance, and endurance, but if we were to assume the level of loco-motor development changes in roughly the same manner throughout different ages, then we arrive at the following categories.

children snowboard tips

Children Snowboard Selection;

  • 1. If you have a little trooper less than four years of age, perhaps give snowboards a miss. They are not little Trojans yet, and this form of endurance might be too much for their bone, joints and muscles to cope with.

  • 2. Five up to seven years of age, we feel is still the goofy period for kids, and hence we suggest children snowboards without the bindings. These snowboards will have a leash and a corrugated rubbery surface, so that snow tracking boots can still be used to stand on the board. These snowboards are usually under 82cm long ( 32 inches).The good news is they do not have to cost a lot. You can often pick one up under $35.00.

  • 3. Eight to eleven years of age, we are moving closer to the professional snowboard territory. The good news for the sponsors (usually parents) is that you can pick them up for around $65.oo with the bindings already attached. The bindings show great adaptability to various snowshoes. The length of these starts from 110cm (37 inches). Junior Snowboards at 130 cm ( 51 inches) lengths will offer more professional binding choices, starting with swivel disc type plate design, with attached ratchet straps to secure the ankle.

  • 4. Twelve years of age onwards is the age where you may need to hold onto your wallet, as the lure of having the coolest product on the slopes, may overpower your sense of reasoning with your child. Soon you may find yourself not only buying the best board, best bindings, body padding, helmets, and the list may not stop here. As a guide, start with snowboards under $ 200.00. You will get quite few good quality snowboards for this amount. But do not forget to budget for the bindings! The length of these boards will start from about 140cm. Beyond this length you move into the open category which the professionals use.

Kids Snowboard Size Selection.

Choose boards which do not exceed the shoulder height of your child.If you prefer the child’s height to be a guide consider this selection table.

Children Snowboards
ht feet/inch ht cm snowboard length cm
2 10 87 50 ?
3 92 80
3 2 97 82
3 4 102 82
3 6 107 82
3 8 112 109
3 10 117 109-110
4 122 110
4.2 127 114-120
4.4 132 115-130
4.6 137 118-135
4.8 142 120-140
4.10 147 125-145

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