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Our import items perspective is here to be shared. If you are a little like us and entertained the idea of importing various items from China, such as ski jackets or pants we have done just this, so read on! Maybe you want to import items at a reasonable price range.

  import items as this ski jacket

As you may be aware the textile industry in most free enterprise, westernized countries of the world is shrinking, if not slowly becoming extinguished. The demand can usually be met elsewhere, where the costs of manufacturing garment is less. These are usually emerging economies which want to sell their products globally as well.

The other day I read an article about specific fashion gear, with Made in Italy authentication, and was blown away that the Italian authorities only demand that the finishing aspect of the manufacture process will be done in Italy, in order to carry the sticker. These garments or fashion items can otherwise be made anywhere. This finishing phase may include application of lacquer to a garment, or sole adhesion to the base of a shoe. This is a big let down to the “fashion –conscious -label carrying” dudes and dudettes who are in constant pursuit of the authentic labeling and their place of origin. Many imported items are probably not made in your country. It would not surprise me if bigger snow gear manufacturing companies made ski products in Asia. And maybe it’s a business decision for these guys as well. This brings me to the next point…

ski  import items

We got really tempted to put China to the test. This place is powering ahead, and its economy is growing at almost exponential levels. Some sources suggest it may eclipse USA’s economy over next 15 years. And hey that’s a big ask!

Where are you going with this you may ask, well, for some of you this may be a good place to do business? Which items to import? We took the liberty of ordering some ski gear from china, mainly jackets and pants. I know one always wonders is the stuff authentic? Will it last? Are they ripping me off? Will the parcel arrive? I am not plugging any company but am here to let you know our experience has been a positive one. Items arrived in excellent condition, with new tags, well packaged, and all within 2 weeks. To be exact four days! For a trans-continental parcel delivery that is a pretty impressive time frame.

After putting the ski gear to the test, we had no major dramas. One observation was out of three jackets ordered two had faulty side pocket zippers.The fault became apparent after using the zipper several times. The jacket’s color on the other hand has not faded. What a bonus hey? We put the gear up to some serious skiing and it performed well. Faulty zippers were not seen as a major setback, and could easily live with this imperfection. We figure, for one faulty zipper having received such a huge discount is something we can live with. Overall we are pretty happy with the purchase.

We hope your Chinese import items experience is a positive one too. We got our items for half the RRP. A lot of you know nice waterproof, high hydrostatic head rating jacket will set you back up to $ 1k. Now if you are buying a Ski Jacket from china that normally retails for $ 699, and you happen to pick one up for fewer than $ 300, that’s a huge difference. If you add your family to the equation the effect multiplies itself.

So far these imported items have done well. The weather exposure check is, so far so good! Together with Aggie we have huge grins on our faces. We will keep you posted.

In case you happen to be a credible Chinese distributor, a man of integrity a man of his word, drop us a line. Our viewers may want to discover more. Address the letter with; import items send me,Christopher, use our contact page, left navigational bar.

Ah …almost forgot under some circumstances, depending on the country you are in, and the quantity you order, you may have to pay import tax. Seek an opinion from the customs house. Good luck in getting a clear answer.


Chris and Aggie

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