Skiing Italian Alps at Cortina d'Ampezzo

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Exploring this part of the Italian Alps will leave you inspired by scenery, unique geological mountain formations, and plenty of skiable trails.

General Feel

    This resort is the Italian rival to Swiss Gstaad , or USA’s Aspen , where people come for atmosphere . This is a beautiful part of the Italian Alps .It has an alpine resort feel surrounded by forested areas, with awesome scenery .Very appealing to the eye, you have chalets, a shopping district ,rouged terrain ,gentle slopes, exposed skiable terrain and scattered forests, interwoven with trails.

    What is truly unique to this part of the world, is the appearance of the Italian Alps, or more specifically the Dolomite Mountain Range. At times the mountains look like eroded chalk rods, and definitely offer vertical.

    Good for partners whom are not shy with credit cards . You have got the right spot for impulse shopping. Plenty to do for non skiers, you have skating ,sleigh rides steeple chases on ice and curling.

    Do not be mislead that this- Italian Alps- destination is not optimal for skiing as it has a variety of ski terrain with nice vertical rise of 2km above the village.

    For those of you who have a spirit of adventure and like being surrounded by beautiful mountainous terrain this is the scene backdrop for the movie Cliff Hanger.

Off Piste

    This Italian Alps region has 160km of downhill runs with 52 lifts. The area has 4 ski regions. For the cross country buffs 74km of trails at disposal. Ski Trail Map here.

    Is located 1 vertical km above the village .You get there by a gondola .This is your platform to launch further up the mountain to Tondi and Col De Varda. You encounter beautiful scenery and moderately sloped terrain. The runs are wide and exposed.

    For a challenge take a chair lift to Son Forca . From here you can Find nice drop offs which can take you all the way to the village.


    It lies 500m above the village and it can easily be reached from the town centre. This region is more recommended for beginners and children. I would suggest if you have children below 5 years of age stay here.


    This is the highest lift point from the village. Catch a couple Of gondolas from city centre and you are here-2 km higher. Really nice views overlooking the dolomites which give you a Good feel for the terrain. If you like soaking up the views of the Italian Alps in their purity, check this place out. This region offers a variety of terrains from moguls ,steep drop-offs through to intermediate slopes. Nice region for more adventurous skiing.

Duca d’Aosta

    Located 800m above the village.This is the area adjacent to Tofrana, offering intermediate through to gentler sloping terrain. This area is widely connected with chair lifts.

Family Rating ***1/2

How to get there

    Best way is to fly to Venice (Venezia), then drive about 130km and you are at Cortina . If you prefer, catch a train from Venezia St Lucia to Calalzo di Cadore, which is 35km from Cortina. A connecting bus service operates from Calalzo di Cadore to Cortina.

Kids lifts

    A good spot is in the vicinity of Mietres area.You are close to kid’s lifts, and not far from rental areas. I have not seen any magic carpet kid’s escalators.


    The baby sitting facilities are at Gulliver Park .There is also a playground for children there .The park is a the base of a forest ,and has really great suspended bridges, many trails , plenty of runs to slide off…. I guess I made the assumption your child is walking.


    A place with more traditional European Alpine feel is Park Hotel Faloria. This lodge is family owned , and accommodating to families, buy a little out of town. The smaller bars and cafes are encountered few minutes out of town. They offer prices which are more palatable as well.

Ski lodge proximity to lifts

    The best spot with your family is at the northern aspect of town. You are close to lifts and rental shops. A lot of bars and restaurants are close by.

Equipment hire.

    This place offers 4 rental ski places.Three of them are at the top of the resort going towards the north-east of the town, at Fanivia -Faloria Lift.The fourth ski rental area is down south.


    Good quality restaurants are present throughout. Just prepare to chillout , as Itatians like to take things easy , soak up the vibe, take some time. At this pace you will not get indigestion, and that’s good right! The big hotel is Cristallo and a rival Hotel de la Poste ( opened since 1835). Other hotels which are of less than 5 star rating are Ancora and Olympia. Expect to pay a little more than at other Dolomite Italian resorts. This is the Italian Alpine Pearl.


    At last count there are about 30 bars, leaving you plenty of choice of food.The valley has seven night clubs .

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