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Looking for your new winter jacket features, so that you can take on the powder, enjoy the slopes stay dry and have a blast of a day. Maybe I am getting a little carried away but entertain the following.

various winter jacket features

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Most useful when available under the arm. Although you will find some jackets have detachable sleeves instead of the arm ventilators. Vents are also available on the chest and or the back to help with vapor condensation.

Zip Flaps.
It is essentially a storm, weather protector that shields the zipper. This jacket featurekeeps wind and moisture precipitation from passing through.

Tall collar, which acts as a protection from the elements, is an advantage to have , a real benefit is if you have it insulated or padded. A draw cord to tighten the collar will help with draft control.

What the heck, you may say? I think it is of benefit to check if the stitching is sealed.Some of the cheaper winter jackets may not offer sealed stitching as an added benefit.If that’s the case the jacket may leak when it rains. A true “stitch-seal” is sealed with a resin, or resin like substance to ensure moisture does not penetrate. Ideally the area under the seams should also be fabric taped.

It helps if they are adjustable for effective venting. Depending upon which liners the winter jackets use, having the means of controlling the circumference of the cuff helps.

This winter jacket feature will aid with warmth control. Various synthetic fiber-meshcombinations are used, fleece being a common choice. We would suggest an inner synthetic lining for skiing various extreme weather conditions, which as a rule of thumb comes standard with a lot of better quality winter ski jackets.

Our rule is the more pockets you have the better it is. Goggle pockets usually are not padded to prevent heat escape when you open them. Side hand pockets are usually linedto keep your hands warm. But then you may want to carry your balaklava, wallet, cellular phone, altimeter (if you like your gadgets), and the list can go on. Aim for at least four pockets.

Some of the more high tech jackets come with padded reinforcements. The points of reinforcement are shoulders, elbows, and the lower back. They will protect you from trauma and abrasion. Entertain these jacket features when you are spending significant money on a jacket.

Jacket Skirt.
The skirting is designed to keep powder from blowing up your jacket. Skiing in a blizzardor having a bit of a roll on the slope , with your skis on, as you do every season, right, will attempt to keep you dry. Even if you are spending long periods of time on chair lifts the skirt, often extending over your bum, will keep you warm.

Contoured stretch panels. we are getting technical! These are fabric panels build into the jacket to follow the contour of your body better. Some of these jacket features are build into the elbow, lower back and shoulder regions. The philosophy is that the jacket will stay more contoured to your body whilst you fly down the mountain. Technology is there, you decide for yourself !

Winter ski jacket needs to have some form of a hood . There are removable or fixed hoods. The fixed variety can be rolled away into the collar. Front hood adjustmentaround the face, along the lines of a shield, is an advantage in skiing more extreme weather. This prevents wind and snow entering your mouth, or freezing your cheeks.With the recent use of helmets, check that the hood is compatible.

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