Mountain Picture

Not just one Mountain Picture, but many, from different parts of the world. The collection is predominantly from American Rockies , British Columbia in Canada, New Zealand and European Alps. Feast your eyes on snow covered mountain peaks.These have not been taken by ourselves, but individuals who love mountainous scenery. Your efforts are greatly appreciated.

American Rockies
Panorama of American Rockies.

Mountain Pic with white powder

Another mountain pic from USA.

Spruce as a feature
This sweet view of mountains has spruce as it’s feature.

French Alps

If ever wanted to know what French Alps look like, feast your eyes.

Mountain View of Wanaka New Zealand

Wanaka New Zealand.

Mountain View neighboring Wanaka

Again in the neighborhood of Wanaka.

Treble Cone Ski Resort

Treble Cone is in the vicinity of Wanaka.

View from Cardrona

Mountain Panorama from the Cardrona Ski Resort, also in proximity to Wanaka New Zealand.

view of a glacier from french alpine regions
One of the Glacial Passes common to European Alps.

One of many valleys that British Columbia has to offer.Ski close to regions like this in BC.

Aerial view of the American Rockies
This is the aerial view of the Rockies. Gods country peaks everywhere!

Dolomites in Italy
A characteristic view of the Italian Dolomites. They appear a little bit like eroded blocks of chalk. This view is truly unique to this region.Best place to see this whislt you ski is at a resort named Cortina.

Help us compile a list of mountain pictures, and add to this collection. If you have a nice mountain shot that you would like to share, email it to us. The mountain at your part of the world may be very different to what we host here, so let us know . Perhaps you got a nice view from your recent holiday ? Send it our way !

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