Skiing Wanaka

If you are after a personal Skiing Wanaka account, submitted by friends from their last 2007 journey, then read on.

Their ski journey started in Brisbane Australia with a flight destined for Christchurch, New Zealand. Having landed there a six hour car trip awaited them traversing the Southern Island of New Zealand to Wanaka. The best option for them was a car hire arrangement. Being stationed well below the snowline, they stayed within half hour reach from Treble Cone and Cardrona.

skiing wanaka ski bunnies

The impression of Treble Cone was that it is a spot more suited to intermediate through to advanced skiers. So may not be the best place to find your feet. The weather was windy and the runs rather iced up, so one friend stacked it, trying to simulate a human avalanche. The road access is still on an unsealed road hence wearing chains on a two wheel drive vehicle was a must.

Cardona was the preferred option for skiing as the snow was less icy and the slopes more inviting to beginners.

The diners located at both ski resorts were mainly serving hot food , but slightly lacking in their selection. They have all resorted to pre packaged food which could be reheated on the mountain. Hey guys I (Chris) know these girls and they like their noodles , so if you are a goulash guy you might be all right. Anyhow from the smiles on their faces they had a blast, and can’t wait to explore another ski field elsewhere in the world.

Thanks once again for the photos girls, and may the force be with you.

skiing wanaka the ski team

skiing wanaka the expedition

cardrona chalet in the backdrop

Skiing Wanaka at Cardrona.

treble cone green run

The Cardrona green run The Skyline, good for your warm up.

skiing wanaka whitestrar express

Whitestar Express Chair lift at Cardrona looking down at a few blue runs on the far side of the ski resort.

another cardrona green

I (Danny) had some free time to pose next to an existing snow man while waiting for the rest of the group to plow down from the chair lift. This branches off to a run which leades White Star express.

skiing wanaka treble cone

View from the Treble Cone ski fields. This was on the easiest of Green Runs on the restort.

treble cone green run

cardrona lift

cardrona half pipe

Cardrona before heading down the pipe line.

cardrona hub central

Cardrona looking at the main entrance and units on the resort.

skiing wanaka treble cone panorama

treble cone the steeper side

Taken from the other side of the moutain at Treble Cone. This side consists mainly of black and advanced blue runs and moguls. My favourite run that day "Cloud 9"(Danny)

From skiing Wanaka to Queenstown.

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