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General Feel.

If you Ski Innsbruck and the adjacent ski resorts you will get an excellent feel for what Skiing in Austria is like. This place is great, because it will offer you a range of small ski villages interwoven with timber chalets, “gasthofs” nestled in foothills, through to a large switched-on town atmosphere that Innsbruck offers.

view of the Innsbruck Valley typical austrian gasthof Innsbruck Valley

You will appreciate the alpine way of life, as well as the Austrian City life. Enjoy the sauerkraut (pickled cabbage) with a sausage, a good winter food, equivalent to the stardom hamburgers carry in some places. .

When you arrive to Ski in Innsbruck, you are in a hub central to all the surrounding ski regions. There are seven main ski fields waiting for you. We will not mention the remaining smaller six or so ski parks this place offers. The overall skiable region has impressed us both. It is a heaven for cross-country skiers with trails in excess of 500km.If you want an adrenaline rush the place also delivers. Beginners are not forgotten either with numerous runs to keep them amused.

Since the entire valley is large, you can skip from one spot to another on one pass. If the weather on one side of the mountain is not favorable, venture out to another. You pick and choose where to work your quads.


If you want to check nearly all of the skiable regions out, start with a super-pass. It is the most cost-effective option of skiing here (closest parks 6 days 103 Euro).

When we were here, a car was our best way to get around to different ski parks, particularly that there were five of us. We stayed on the fringes of the town. If you follow the river, aim for Remweg / Hotherweg around Munlauer Brucke (Bridge).
This area offered charm and nice atmosphere. One can walk after a day on the slopes along a river promenade to the old part of town to soak up the local life. To top it off, we were very close to the Seegrube-Nordkette Gondola.

If you want to feel close to God when you are skiing in Innsbruck, visit Patscherkofel, Seegrube , and Stubier Glacier. Serenity and inspirational views await you.

Innsbruck and its surroundings  trail map

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Off / Piste.

Stuber-Glacier. (3200m)
This area is an all year round ski destination. During winter it becomes snowboarder’s paradise. Downhill skiers love it as the entire run from the top of the Glacier , followed to the base of the mountain can be 14 km (9mil). Part of the journey down is on the bowl. Few local guides can take you on a beyond the boundary adventure. Closest town is Neustift about a 10-15min drive down the valley towards Innsbruck. From the Glacier you can see the entire valley of Innsbruck.

This is another little town under Neustift, which is the base to “The Schlick Lift”. This region offers good beginners and intermediate skiing. Staying at any of these two towns allows you to have access to two ski parks, at a push you could see two in one day , but you will not discover their terrain well.

This village is again further down the same valley as the above two, but closer to the city of Innsbruck. It is a cute rustic village, which has stood unaffected by developments that occurred in Innsbruck. It will entertain you with few non-skier activities such as curling, best carried out by locals after few shots of Schnapps. Then master the rink yourself. Skating can also be undertaken at this town. This region will keep toboggans amused, with very long runs, not seen in many ski parks nowadays. A gondola runs up towards Birgitzkopfl, so active individuals will be catered for as well.

This destination in the proximity of Mutters will amuse the family, and downhill skiers. The town has a rustic character dating back to when Roman roamed these regions. The chair and gondola will take you to Patscherkofel (2245m), an inspirational view of the entire valley awaits you here. The vertical rise from Igls is 1.3km.

Since you are on the other side of the freeway, away from skiing central Innsbruck, check out the famous Bergisel Ski Jump. If you are of engineering background, or just admire great architectural feats see this place. The jump is breathtaking, particularly if you are on the top. There is a café here, a great place to soak up the Alps.

This is a quieter little town with accommodation provided. It prides itself on few beginners’ runs and a nice vertical of 1.4km. Gentler slopes are encountered here with some barren terrain. You will be in the proximity of the Glungezer Peak.

If you intend on staying close to the action, and ski Innsbruck in the literal sense, stay close to the base of this gondola. The gondola that takes you to the top of Seegube’s .You can ski the glacier and in the evenings visit the town. Everything is close by. Just be advised this is an intermediate to advanced skiing area. You can be whisked from town’s 575m altitude to 2255m, that’s a 1680m vertical. Excellent or what..!

At this ski destination like Axamer (below), you ski Innsbruck’s remote fringes, or more like it’s brother satellite town. Consequently you are a short drive from Innsbruck, from recollection 30min. A nice Tyrollian village with the alpine atmosphere to match. You can chill out here and soak up the Austrian Alps.

We think this place is great for all types of skiers from beginners to advanced. If you want a break from the fast pace life has to offer it is also a great escape. Just hang up your ski boots and absorb the surroundings. If you are just starting out on skis and have the intention of progressing, to a higher level, this place delivers.

Two main pistes are Gashwantkopft , and Rosshutte. Even snowboarders as well as cross- country skiers are well catered for. This neighborhood offers 200km of cross-country trails. Some cross-country skiers feel this is one of the best areas to explore in all of Europe. The vertical of this area is somewhat less than other mighty peaks, a total of 800m.

At this destination you can ski two mountains, one with a 520m and the other with a 620m vertical. Historically Olympic Events were held here in 1976.This area is suited for beginners through to advanced skiers. The closest village is Axams, with good accommodation. Our recommendation would be stay at Seefeld over Axams, as it has nestled in a more eye-tantalizing location. (apologies to the locals). Axams caters well to the influx of weekend skiers from local regions,….. ok, and it has wide-angled, panoramic views.

Family Rating Ski Innsbruck ***

Our rating was difficult to arrive at as the ski destinations around Innsbruck are varied. We came up with a collated family-rating figure.

  • Proximity to slopes. The family spots we recommend to stay at are ; Seefeld, Mutters and Igls. These villages are in close proximity to kid’s slopes. If you stay at Innsbruck, you are removed from most ski fields in the region. The only ski region of Innsbruck, is at the town fringes where Seegrube-Nordkette Gondola is, and it is not optimal for kids.

  • Cafes. Go to the old part of town, follow the Rennweg St. along the river, and you will find restaurants and cafes . A lot of small, cozy cafes can be found along this strip, with some provisions for children.

  • Creche. For 3 year old and up each main ski area has kindergarten (child minding) facilities.

  • Ski hire. If you are on the fringes of Innsbruck where we were, try Seegrube Ski Rental A-6020.

Innsbruck has plenty of restaurants to choose from. A couple of restaurants with accolades are Hofgarten-café at Rennweg 6a, and Da Peppino at Kirschentalgasse 6. If you are staying at Seefeld with your family we noticed food can be moderately priced, but you are likely to enjoy good local alpine atmosphere.

Innsbruck try Zap at Rechengasse 5, Theresienbrau at Maria –Theresien-Strabe 51-53 . At Seefeld check out the Graham’s Pub. The Austrians are proud beer-drinkers, so if you like the brew, you will have lots of fun.

Our recommendations when you ski Innsbruck and the surroundings are:

  • If your base is at Innsbruck, stay close to the Seegrube-Nordkette Gondola region, located close to town.

  • whilst staying in Innsbruck allocate a minimum of two days per ski destination of; Igls, Tulfes, Mutters, Schlick and Staubier.

  • If you are mobile enough, give yourself 2-4 days to ski Axamer-Lizum as well as Seefeld. For the remainder of your stay best to be at Seefeld.

  • If you have the financial means stay the whole season!

Have fun when you ski Innsbruck, and explore the surrounding ski slopes.

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