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General Feel.
If you want to Ski Thredbo, and wonder what its ski potential is, myself (Chris) and Aggie have been here, and will give you our perspective. Snow covered Gum Trees will add another dimension to your skiing through the woods experiences. The village itself has also got a good vibe.

Chilling cold at the top of Thredbo view of the Thredbo resort Thredbo mountain our friend towards the end of the ski season

This is the highest Skiable Mountain in Australia in the neighboring territory of Mt Kosciuszko 2228m. At Thredbo you are not only skiing at highest altitude but also have the longest run of 5km (3.2 mil).

On par with Mt Hotham, this is the best resort to ski in Australia, and we feel an excellent alternative when the Northern Hemisphere experiences summer. When we came here our expectations were somewhat guarded, but at the end of the stay had a really good time.

The skiable terrain is enough to keep you interested for a week, ski village has good food and atmosphere, Chalets are low rise , being less than three levels, reasonably new, and the whole Alpine village comes together in it’s design. In the past 4 years as Australia is coming out of it’s real estate boom the resort has experienced a face lift with very modern Chalets appearing on the horizon.

The transport around the village is free, and it seems to flow well.

Time your arrival to Ski Thredbo. The ski season runs from end of June through to September, with the best snowfalls being mid-July to end-September period.

The village itself is at the altitude of 1365m, so it is not uncommon to have sparse snow, with more snow present above the 1500m line. Perhaps don’t let this be a deterrent as the resort management has installed over 360 snow-guns to make your Ski Thredbo experience a great one.

Historical Snow Depths, by month of the year.

The ticket office is switched on, with swift delivery of; ski schools, lessons and snow expeditions. The manner in which everything is organized, and run resembles what takes place in larger ski resorts around the world. Even the lift systems are top notch.

In arriving here, you will pass through Jindabayne, a little town by a lake, which is the turn off point to travel to Thredbo, or the adjacent resort of Perisher Smiggins. This town is a great alternative to staying in Thredbo, if you want to ski two resorts. Expect to drive up to 40 minutes if you elect to stay here. Alternatively, exploring two resorts can be done by staying at Thredbo, then driving to Flat Bullocks.From Bullocks you can catch a ski-tube (train) through the mountain to Perisher and Mt Blue Cow.

Expect to pay an entry fee upon arriving at the Thredbo resort as it is situated on National Park grounds. All cars have to carry chains up the mountain regardless of the snow conditions.

Off Piste.
Favorite trails to ski were ; The Basin, then weave down under the Crackenback Lift onto the Sundowner, gently finishing at the Friday Flats. You will ski some barren terrain, a wide open run, then pass through a small forest , to finish at a gentle sloping end point. The entire trail is 5 km long and it varies from green trough to the blue trails.

Ski Thredbo Trail Map.

Busiest area is under the Crackenback Lift, as it is a wide uniformly sloped run catering for beginners through to intermediates. Veering to your left as you ski down will take you through forested country. A very nice part of the trail as you are skiing shielded from the elements in the less than perfect weather. When you ski Thredbo check out the Bunny Walk. You will ski down the RaceCourse where local championships are held every year.

Explore the Peak at the end of the T bar lift by catching the Sponars. This area will give you a great perspective where you are in relation to the surrounding mountain range, and the village.

When you arrive here to Ski Thredbo, and want to keep your mind a little more alert, try a trail, along the mountain ridge, on the Funnel Web. The run starts off wide then as the name suggests it tapers in at the bottom. This run is on the left perimeter of the resort when facing the mountain. It is good for testing your skills.

The main appeal when skiing Thredbo is the varied terrain it offers from barren exposed runs through to tree sheltered skiing.

If you like venturing out onto fresh powder, try the guided tours to Charlotte Pass or Mt Kosciuszko. Charlotte is an 8-km ( 5mil) trip, best undertaken by the ski-cat. Make Charlotte Pass a part of your Ski Thredbo experience. This part of the resort is excellent for cross-country skiers, who can take in nice views of the Blue Mountains. The altitude does not get any higher. Discovering the views on a good day is a worth while experience.

The freestyle ski park with Tubes, Rails and Jumps is situated at The Cruiser, on the right extremity of the resort. The resort management tries hard to satisfy the growing snowboarder’s contingent.

My friend's children at the Thredbo ski school.

Family Rating Ski Thredbo ***1/2

  • Getting There. If you are flying in aim for Sydney or Melbourne, then get a connecting flight to Canberra. From Canberra it is a 3-hour drive to Thredbo.

  • Proximity to slopes. There are primarily two lift points one at the heart of the village, so staying here will land you close to the lifts. The other lift point is close to the day car park, at which case look for accommodation at Woodbridge.

  • Creche. Visit the Childcare Center at the main car park. Child minding from six months on.

  • Cafes for kids. All the cafes are accommodating to children. Try Thredbo Childcare Center if your little ones need to stay occupied.

    Ski Equipment. There are two main hubs ; one at the Valley Central and the other by the main car park at Friday Flats.

Plenty of variety available. You will find high-class shopping and quality restaurants. The Thredbo Village hosts some 20 restaurants from different parts of the globe. Bernti’s Restaurant is good for soaking up the mountain views at sunset. If you are visiting Thredbo from overseas try the T-Bar Restaurant, as it follows through on the Australian theme, something unique to this part of the world. Try The Wrap Go Go Mexican in Jindabayne for a fast filling snack.

Cool vibe bars throughout, try the Keller, Schuss, Lounge, and Cascade Bars.

Have a blast when you ski Thredbo, as it will leave you with a very unique experience.

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