Tracking Device for Children

Tracking device is a great option, not just for general navigation, but also in helping localize your little troopers who can veer off the beaten path on their own ski adventure. For us this scenario is very easy to imagine, as our little boy has a big appetite for adventure. He is only 5 years old (2008), and whilst we hope his adventurous phase will pass, we thought of other parents out there. Perhaps some of you will be looking for general information on various tracking devices. We would like to help.

Still here ! well then read on. We simplified the devices into 5 categories.

typical gps waas compatible receiver

  • 1. Radio Frequency Tracking Device These are relatively short range devices which whilst being compact offer approx 100m/ 300feet range, and have limitations when traversing mountainous terrains. If your child is on a wide well groomed run their applications are sufficient.

  • 2. Audio Alert Devices These are great for locating a lost child if you can establish visual contact when the child’s beeper triggers. They have a short range receiver, similar to the products above. The parent triggers the beeper and the receiving unit attached to your child beeps. From experience beepers are good negative reinforcers well tested with animal training. Try it on your puppy! It works!

  • 3. GPS Logging Devices These devices use GPS style mapping after the event has occurred. The providers can issue you with a GPS device which logs your trip into computer software, in doing so plots your journey. Their capability maps your old tracks to within 2.5m.You will need the necessary map to overlap your coordinates onto after the expedition has taken place. I think it is great for professional trackers, not however reserved for locating lost children.

  • 4. GPS Real Time Tracking Systems For more serious enthusiasts, who need to locate someone in real time. There are various units on the market which can be strapped to child’s waist, bag or built into their jacket. Yes jackets with pre-build capability do exist for around $500. You can activate the tracking system by calling the service provider. The service plan fees range anywhere from $20 to120 dollars per month. This way you know where your children are all the time.

    Whilst this is great technology, mountains, valleys, crevasses, canyons, do add to the inherent limitations of the unit. In addition to this be aware how the signal is picked up. Information is gathered from satellites, augmented by government’s FAA Federal Aviation Administration using ground system called WAAS wide area augmentation system, which works out corrections in altitude DCs (differential corrections) to estimate at what altitude, latitude and longitude you or your lost child may be.

    If you want to tap into this technology consider WAAS enabled GPS receivers.

  • 5. Mobile Phone Tracking Capability If you have strapped a mobile phone to your child, with a well charged battery , and switched it on, there are means of locating your child provided they are within a network coverage zone. You do not need to be conversing with them to locate them. Triangulating your child’s position in a mountainous country is a big challenge, if not impossibility. Perhaps well suited for large ski resorts in civilized countries.

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