Travel Checklist for Skiers

travel checklist for skiers

In preparation for your ski expedition, your snow travel checklist entails;

  • conditioning exercises, leg strengthening, stretching, general aerobic conditioning as well

  • documents preparation, including passports, airline tickets, accommodation details, currency exchange

  • confirm airline reservation 24 hrs prior to departure

  • house taken care of, pets looked after by entrusted sources?

  • leave your itinery with family or friends

  • ensure house insurance policy cover works in your absence, especially if you are away more than 3 months (ask for variation to your policy in your absence)

  • pay house bills

  • purchase batteries, not just for watches, but all the electronic gear you carry

  • battery chargers

  • maps, local, and terrain maps

  • dictionary?

First Aid Kit Travel Checklist.

  • Take some medications, such as disinfectants, Iodine, analgesics and anti-inflammatory

  • Band aids

  • Compression bandages

  • Diarrhoea tablets

  • Gazes

  • Motion Sickness Tablets (anti-emetics)

  • Small scissors

  • Tweezers

  • Vitamin pills

  • Water purifying tablets for extended snow trips

  • Antibacterial cream

Clothing Checklist.

  • thermal underwear,

  • ski jackets, (if you can't get enough of skiing take two)

  • socks, woolen preferred,

  • hats,caps

  • pants, waterproof and indoor variety

  • gloves for heavy weather and lighter warmer weather

  • change of clothing gear, jackets and pants

  • fleece, woolen undergarments

  • scarf

  • caps

  • pyjamas / sleepwear

  • sewing kit

  • ski boots, waterproof walking boots

Other Equipment.

  • ski, snowboard repair kit, Swiss knife (not with hand luggage)

  • skis, tune them, take your poles (if these travel with you, it may be important you arrive at the airport sooner to hand them over to special cargo handlers)

  • ski survival kit, including compass, ice axe (more on kits)

  • binoculars

To have quality time include the following in your travel checklist.

  • sunglasses ( with head strap), goggles

  • sun block spf 15+ , lip balm

  • ski helmet

  • indoor shoes

  • money belt

  • games and cards for entertainment

  • camera and if you like posing a tripod

To smell nice do not omit,

  • shampoo

  • soap

  • toothpaste

  • deodorants

  • feminine gear and this may be a long list

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