Skiing Mount Hotham Victoria

Aggie at Mt Hotham Victoria view of the mt hotham village from the summit Slopes of Hotham

General Feel.
Hotham Victoria is very much a happening place, both snowboarders and skiers love it. The Mt Hotham village is based at 1750m so snow during the season is guaranteed. The resorts in this neighborhood are part of the international skier’s circuit, so do not think of this place as a beginner’s resort. The location is very original, with the village sitting above the majority of the runs. You can literally ski out of your chalet or hotel.

The village retains some alpine architecture with chalets being a blend between classical ski lodges and timber clad shepherd’s huts. Almost all chalets are very modern in design and construction.

Pre book your Hotham Victoria holiday, early, at least 2 months leading up to the ski season. The season starts here in June. School holidays get very heavy bookings and accommodation becomes an issue.

Off Piste.
There are few black runs here at Hotham Victoria that are pure powder. They are however non-patrolled so let someone know if you go there. These runs are in the One Tree Hill area, include; Spargos, McCutcheons, Hulls, and Golden Point, all of which are across the valley.For the Hotham Trail Map visit this page, our comments are included.

I also recommend you check out the Blue Ribbon, as it tends to have fewer skiers yet offering intermediate to advanced terrain. This area is well shielded from wind and the elements. You can enjoy moguls as well as steeper descends more suited to downhill racing.

If you landed here and traversed half the world to see this place, you cannot afford to miss out on the helicopter ride to the adjacent resort of Falls Creek. The chopper only takes 5-10 min to whisk you to another alpine resort.

Most of the runs here are intermediate, only a couple for beginners and a couple of home runs. Check out night skiing on the beginners run, found at The Big D .

To cover most of the Hotham Victoria Resorts’ runs takes only few days, enjoy rest of the time catching some “rays”. If variety is your spice of life, do visit the adjacent resorts Of Falls Creek and Buller.

Family Rating Star ** Mt Hotham Victoria

  • Getting there. Easily accessible by car and bus.There is also a very conveniently positioned airport, about 20 minutes drive from Mt Hotham at Dinner Plain. Flights in and out are seasonal.


  • Proximity to slopes .Wherever you stay at Hotham there are free buses that will deliver you to any slope within 5 minutes. If you are looking for extra convenience for your children stay at village central, or at Big D.


  • Creche. Pre-book the crèche at least 2 days in advance, so you don’t miss out. The crèche is located at the ticket office building.

  • Cafes for kids. There are a couple of kids friendly cafes in the main office building.


  • Ski equipment. Most major office hotels and chalets hire equipment, but the main one is in the central office building. Shop around for the best deal.

There is a supermarket in the main ticket office building, as well as at Arlberg, but they are pricey. If you carry kids bring your own nappies and formula as there is not a great range to buy from. When dinning out check out the restaurants at Zirky’s ( our favorite ),Crystal Creek Complex and adjacent to the Arlberg Hotel.

I would say Zirky’s Bar is most creative. Swindlers is cool, and Jack Frost rocks as well.

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