Adventure Vacation Skiing Europe

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Thinking of an adventure vacation skiing europe?

This is the area of classical alpine resorts , which have acquired character over time, in the same manner red wine acquires character with age. You can loose yourself in any village, learn some facts about the region, and be marveled by the history it holds.

Have your adventure vacation skiing Europe whilst you soak up the significance of the region.

Stay where dukes went hunting in the 18th century. Visit remote shepherd's huts, built before modern times. Ski valleys where Roman soldiers crossed the Alps.

Better still, go on a beyond the boundary adventure, and visit Alpine Chalets which can only be accessed by foot(or ski and snowboard).

If history is not your forte, just feel the vibe each and every ski resort has to offer.

If you are wondering,is the skiable terrain big enough?, well I think it’s impossible to cover. The great number of interconnected lift areas that some resorts offer is phenomenal. If you only look at the most popular countries, at only downhill trails, these span 640 plus km (400 miles).These statistics do not include less popular spots!

The aerial ski-lift-systems, are entire networks, spanning whole valleys and mountain ranges .Sometimesconnecting you to the adjacent country. They are quite engineering feats. Trains carrying skiers traverse mountains, beneath glaciers, just to take you to the summit.

Your adventure vacation skiing Europe does not have to equate with spending a lot of money. Some of the less popular ski resorts, perhaps in central or eastern europe offer great value for money.

Destination for your next adventure on skis in Europe:

Finally myself (Chris) and Aggie will tell you;

  • how to get there
  • what to expect when you get there
  • what we consider to be the highlights

Useful link if you want quotes on packages when looking for an adventure vacation skiing europe.

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