Adventure Vacation Skiing Australia and New Zealand

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Skiing Australia

Having an adventure vacation skiing Australia and New Zealand will leave you with a unique experience.

You will ski among snow covered gum trees, possibly encounter a wombat or a kangaroo and generally discover a different perspective of what mountain resorts can also be like.The resorts are concentrated on the south – eastern continental side.

Largest and most aboundant in snowfall being Thredbo and Mt Hotham. These two places offer a variety of gentler through to moderately sloped terrain. If you want to start your adventure vacation skiing Australia at Mt Hotham, you will be based at the top of a mountain and ski down, away from the village.Boots on and away with the gravity you go. At Thredbo ,on the other hand you will stay at the base of the mountain and can be wisked away to the highest Australian mountain peak.

People are friendly, food is good, and accommodation is of any calibre you desire.

To enjoy your winter wonderland experience we will offer few tips on how to make your stay enjoyable, and action packed. Your adventure vacation skiing Australia and New Zealand requires a different mindset, and itinery, to that of skiing the Alps.

The resorts on the platter in Australia that we recommend are:

To get an idea what accomodation costs are like whilst skiing Australia, you can get a feel for what all resorts charge by visiting the following page- Adventure Vacation Skiing Australia and New Zealand These guys will give you a better focus on Australian accomodation.

Skiing New Zealand

Having a New Zealand adventure vacation skiing, will give you a different feel to Australia. This place offers more ruggered terrain, scenery of lakes, two big Fox and Franz Joseph glaciers. All of this not far from our favourite all year round resort of Queenstown. This part of he world is still not fully discovered. The ski villages may be small, but the nature in its purity is aboundant.

Queenstown is a great spot to visit for an adventure vacation, when you not only want to ski and snowboard within the resort boundary, but also well beyond the limits. To saturate your spirit of adventure enjoy jet boating, snow hiking,heli-skiing, mountain climbing, Fjord exploration….. just to name a few. We will give you an itinery to guide you through.
To get a general overview of what cost the accomodation is, in Queenstown follow this link.

Our favourite resort in New Zealand that has the best atmosphere is;

We will inform you on :

  • how to get there
  • what to expect
  • what we consider the highlights are

I certainly hope if you visit this remote part of the world.....that your "Adventure Vacation Skiing Australia and New Zealand" will be an enjoyable, and a memorable one.

From skiing Australia and New Zealand back home.

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